Academic Alliance

This Is how You Use Our Development Environment for Your Scientific Work.

You are a student

You Are an Employee of an Academic Institution

You can become part of the Academic Alliance if you are an academic private user or you are employed at an academic Institution (“Academic Institutional User”).

You are an “Academic Private User” if you are enrolled in a course of study, further education or similar at an Academic Institution, University or research institution. After the Sign-Up to the Academic Alliance, you can simply give us confirmation of the enrolment. Any other type of interaction with an academic institution (E.g. a Job) is excluded and makes you an “Academic Institutional User.”

You are an “Academic Institutional User” if you belong to an academic Institution or university (e.g. by employment). Simply send us the signed Academic Alliance Agreement after signing up. The agreement will be sent to them with the registration.

The Academic Alliance allows you to work with Soley Studio on all projects that are private or study related. Any commercial use is not included.

Does that mean I can use Studio for my thesis at a company? Yes! As long as the project is part of your studies, you can use Soley Studio.

“Academic Private Users” receive a license for six months. “Academic Institutional Users” can use the Software for 24 months.

Your project will take longer? Let us know:

You only have to sign the agreement as an “Academic Institutional User.”
The Academic Alliance Agreement complements the Soley License Terms and Conditions and represents a partnership between Soley and the academic Institution. In it, Soley grants to the academic Institution the free of charge usage of Soley Studio Private for a Period of 24 months to the academic Institution. In turn, Soley is allowed to mention the institution as an academic user and use its logo on the website.

The Academic Alliance includes a key for the full version of Soley Studio Private. A list of Soley Studio features can be found here .