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Change Management with Soley

Efficient Change Management

In the development of cars, it is important to have a continuous controlling system for changes. This is in order to have, also in the future, control over the rising complexity of configurations and controlling in product data management. This applies in particular for run-up as well as series production.
Against the background of the actual and, specifically, the future requirements in development and change projects for the development and manufacturing arena, the following fundamental prerequisites have been identified:

  • Understand the effect of changes comprehensively.
  • Predict the requirements for each time phase in advance.
  • Control changes transparently taking into account the required technical properties and demand coverage. These extend over an extensive system landscape and reflect the high degree of process complexity.

Particularly in just-in-time situations, it is essential to navigate efficiently through large volumes of change management data in order to avoid additional validation loops.
For further optimization of these processes appropriate procedures are sought, which network the relevant change data from the various systems and make comprehensive analyses possible. Furthermore, new capabilities of semantic technologies should be used to increase transparency which is beyond the functionality of the current Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

Expressive Analyses

Within a proof-of-concept using the software technology by Soley, all relevant data for change management can be transferred into an intuitive understandable, navigable data network. The expert knowledge for plausibility checks, critical relationships and analyses methods are formalized in automated workflows which can be called up at the touch of a button. With these workflows you can automatically

  • consolidate distributed data and reduce it to the relevant information,
  • make indirect variables visible and hidden connections transparent and
  • execute recurring supporting analyses in the background (e.g. plausibility checks).

With this concept users can concentrate on their work in their domains and take care of a timely implementation of changes. In the framework of the collaboration for this proof of concept, a viable concept for the following joint steps was developed.

More Transparency

The project with the BMW Group has indicated the potential of automated expert workflows in change management. The solution offers the following advantages for future work in change management:

  • The disclosure of variables and thus far hidden connections in one navigable, consistent database leads to greater transparency.
  • Status changes and possible effects can be monitored systematically and continuously.
  • A suggestion system, running in the background, could uncover inconsistencies early on and cheaply. This adds to improvement in data quality and predictability.

It has shown that the system from Soley is flexible and can be adapted and easily expanded.

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