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Soley for change and discontinuation planning

Efficient Modification and Phase-Out Planning

Recurring, Complex Evaluations

To Festo AG & Co. KG, efficient modification and phase-out processes are important elements for guaranteeing customers a secure market supply. For this reason, such processes involve costly and time-consuming procedures for determining the impact of modifications at an early stage. All kinds of required datasets, such as bill of materials, where-used lists, quantities, stocks, etc. are primarily made available in central data sources, but sometimes also in remote data sources. Therefore,recurring, complex evaluations of data have previously required a large proportion of manual work, which could take several working days to complete. With Soley, the required data processing steps have been automated into both well-known and new visualizations.

„Soley gives us the ability to use smart data approaches to more easily capture and automatically analyze complex system interrelationships. This enables us to integrate customer and market requirements into our existing product portfolio even faster.“

Tobias Danner (Leader Advanced Product Development – Product Architecture, Festo AG & Co. KG)

Expert Workflow in Three Steps

Three steps were built into Soley to formalize the process of modification and phase-out planning:

  1. Merging distributed data (discontinued parts, bill of materials, where-used lists, extended data) into Soley
  2. Structuring expert guidelinesto efficiently classify candidates for discontinuation
  3. Visualizing results in a suitable form (classification table, impact graph, and more) to further process them seamlessly.

In these three steps, the data is merged, an automated classification of candidates for discontinuation is made, and transparent visualizations of the results are generated.

Results Within Minutes Instead of Days

With a one-time commitment of about eight working days to convert to Soley, you get an expert workflow that is automated, repeatable, and reviewed, as well as a customized evaluation that significantly accelerates the process. In the Proof of concept project,

  • 316 products were evaluated with:
  • ~125,000 material nodes
  • ~60,000 dependencies
  • ~1 million data points

With Soley, a single analysis of data requires only a few minutes rather than several working days. The evaluation results can now be used to quickly identify areas of activity, and to easily understand relevant connections. This results in clear output formats: the parts marked in red can be phased out without further review, the orange parts require an extended inspection prior to being phased out, and the green parts have another use and can be removed from the phase-out process. Classically, this information is presented in tabular form, but it is also available in a structured tree and other display forms, allowing further use to be quicker and easier.

Using the developed analysis packages, further measures can now be implemented, and consequently, modification and phase-out planning can be developed. Additional phase-out projects can be included, planned phase-out projects can be reviewed, the effects of a phase-out on subsequent processes can be assessed, and additional visualizations can be developed.

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