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“Thanks to the powerful analyses methods in Soley Studio we gained completely new insights into our product portfolio. These results save time, money and would never be possible with any classical queries on our databases.”

Alexander Hatzold (Head of Product Strategy and Marketing, Phytron GmbH), 2015

Product Portfolio Under Control

Phytron is a highly specialized producer of electric drives for challenging applications e.g. inside a vacuum or in space. They are also experts for highly customized products. Phytron‘s product portfolio is a mixture of modular architectures and individual components, so that many products build on carry-over parts.

Phytron is about to update the full product portfolio, discontinuing and replacing old and less profitable technology by backwards-compatible, cutting edge technology for more competitive prices. Besides the economic dimension, aspects like modular dependencies, supply chain and constraints from production, logistics and storage must be reflected in the decisions.

The case becomes even more challenging. Not only one or two products must be analyzed, but several hundreds of products with several thousands of modules and several zillions of dependencies.

3 Steps to a Sustainable Solution

Using Soley our customers at Phytron were able to create powerful analyses to support important management decisions. In three steps, they created an essential rule set that covered various criteria:

  • Consolidating all available, relevant product data into an excel sheet
  • Defining Phytron objects, attributes and the soley ruleset to look for defined patterns and calculate automatically the key values needed
  • Updating the data whenever needed while using the defined Soley ruleset and procedures over and over again

Benefits for Phytron

  • Saving Big Time: instead of spending months for analyzing product by product, the ruleset was developed and tested once within several days and then applied to the whole portfolio whenever needed.
  • Process stability for complex reports: reports created once a year by one person usually include a lot of manual steps, and therefore possibly flawed results. Soley comes with hardcoded and easy to read procedures and rules (no paper chases through hundreds of linked spreadsheet cells), with a neat environment and the power to dig through complex big data.
  • Stay on top of product complexity: if you don’t have a huge department dealing with portfolio analysis, Soley provides you with the power to have a handle on your portfolio. Once a data interface to your productive system is defined you can create reports, analysis and calculations and distill them into visualizations for presentations without having to bother your IT department for another report.

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