Consolidate Your Product Portfolio

Your grown product portfolio paralyses the company, delays innovation and blocks valuable resources? With Soley, you separate the wheat from the chaff and focus your portfolio on success.

Reduce Complexity

Special processes disturb sales targets & delivery reliability?

Master complexity – reduce unnecessary diversity in your product portfolio with Soley.

Cut Costs

Turnover is rising, but the margin is stagnating / falling?

Save millions a year – eliminate cost drivers and margin eaters.

Strengthen your core business

Top products don’t gain traction in the market?

Focus on success – Soley frees up scarce resources for your market success.

"By automating time-consuming, manual analyses we were able to systematically reduce unnecessary variants in a short period of time. This allows us to achieve significant savings in purchasing and to reduce complexity costs. In Addition, there are significant savings opportunities through optimizations in manufacturing, the support of active products and, especially, the development of new and innovative products."

Andreas Kisch​
Advanced Product Development – Product Architecture, Festo AG & Co. KG

SAY HI: Smart Variant Con, 24.-25.6.2019, Berlin

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