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Monitor Your Product Portfolio

Good isn’t good enough for you? Soley helps you stay one step ahead of your product portfolio. With a continuous optimization process, you can react early to risks and avoid future costs before they arise.

Strengthen the Platform

Special parts block everything?

Turn your development into a synergy forge – with Soley, building block loyalty is transformed from a goal to a transparent key figure.

Selling the right thing

Turnover without margin?

Make more profit again – with resilient key figures you set better incentives for profitable sales success.

Costs under control

Variance grows unchecked?

Make complexity easy to count – with Soley you can keep an eye on variant and cost drivers and react in time.

Increase Process Quality

Missed the jump again?

Phase out old products in time – Smart key figures and filters enable best-in-class product management.

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Soley @ MAN
Soley @ HAWE
Soley @ mayr

"By automating time-consuming, manual analyses we were able to systematically reduce unnecessary variants in a short period of time. This allows us to achieve significant savings in purchasing and to reduce complexity costs. In Addition, there are significant savings opportunities through optimizations in manufacturing, the support of active products and, especially, the development of new and innovative products."

Andreas Kisch
Festo AG & Co. KG Mayr GmbH + Co. KG, 2018

SAY HI: Forum Deutscher Mittelstand: 11.-12. Sep 2019, Stuttgart  |  Jahrestagung Variantenmanagement: 16.-18. Sep 2019, Köln | Deutscher Maschinenbaugipfel: 15.-16. Okt 2019, Berlin

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