Structure Your Product Portfolio

Customer wishes become a burden? Structure your portfolio with clear standards, flexible solution spaces and realize synergies.

Organizing your solution space

Standard and special projects are not defined?

With clearly defined catalogue, preferential and special variants, customer benefit, price point and margin fit together again.


Redundancy and similarity create inefficiency?

Raise hidden treasures in the product portfolio – permeate complex dependencies.

Develop platform

Every development department reinvents the wheel?

Develop synergies across all portfolio segments – with a modular system.

Soley @ B/S/H
Soley @ MAN
Soley @ Viessmann
Soley @ FELSS
Soley @ Festo

"Soley's solutions make complexity efficiently manageable and create the necessary transparency in our product portfolio. Based on the results, we can identify areas for improvement, define more precise measures, and monitor their impact."

Günther Klingler
CEO, Chr. Mayr GmbH + Co. KG, 2018

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