Produktportfolio Strukturierung; Variantenbaum

Structure Your Product Portfolio

Customer wishes become a burden? Structure your portfolio with clear standards, flexible solution spaces and inspire your customers with clear, high-quality solutions at competitive conditions.

Good, fast & profitable

Special requests – Standard price?

Inspire your customers – With clearly defined catalogue, preferential and special variants. This is how customer benefit, price point and margin fit together again.

Organizing your solution space

Redundancy in the portfolio?

Bring variance and efficiency back into balance – with Soley you reduce redundancy and bundle your top components into a market-oriented modular system.


A little bit of everything?

Buy again at top conditions – reduce unnecessary variety at part level and buy fewer items in larger quantities at lower prices.

Develop platform

Automation is not worth it?

Produce cost-efficiently again – focus and standardize your core business. Only in this way can automation and digitization lead to success.

Soley @ B/S/H
Soley @ MAN
Soley @ Viessmann
Soley @ Festo

"Soley's solutions make complexity efficiently manageable and create the necessary transparency in our product portfolio. Based on the results, we can identify areas for improvement, define more precise measures, and monitor their impact."

Günther Klingler
CEO, Chr. Mayr GmbH + Co. KG, 2018

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