Impact Manager

Certified integration with SAP S/4HANA®

Soley supports product and portfolio managers in maintaining and optimizing complex product portfolios.

Soley links product data with the value chain. This allows to quickly evaluate operational and strategic portfolio measures and scale them effectively. With Soley you make your product portfolio a decisive competitive advantage.

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A strong partnership for your success

  • Soley ist ein SAP silver partner. We sell software solutions that integrate with SAP software and offer additional services for customizing our solution to your individual needs.
  • Soley makes the network of product data and value chain navigable. This enables the operative maintenance and strategic optimization of the portfolio, taking into account all relevant dependencies. Fast, accurate and scalable.
  • With Soley, you can empower your organization to manage the complexity of your extensive product portfolio in a data-driven way.

Impact Manager: This is how your company benefits

  • Best practice processes for digitized product portfolio optimization.
  • Identify and manage internal risks and potentials in interactive dashboards
  • Effectively manage the effects of external influences on the entire product range

Protect Business at Risk and Enable More Resilient Value Chains

Discover products and variants that are affected by a risk or event. Highlight critical dependencies to key customers, production, inventory, or suppliers. Reduce impact criticality by balancing the efficiency, flexibility, and robustness of your product portfolio.

Have a Clear Picture in Critical Situations

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In critical situations it is a matter of fast but also targeted reactions. Soley provides a comprehensive KPI dashboard of your product portfolio to have the full overview. So you always have everything in view. Simulate scenarios to evaluate the best measures to prevent damage to the company.

Focus on Significant Potentials in Your Product Portfolio and Value Chain

Soley is designed to allow the user to focus on hot topics instead of side issues. Every product and product variant gets a detailed profile with all cost and complexity drivers. It even links characteristic values with value chain elements. This allows prioritized work on business critical topics.

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Speed Up High Quality Decisions

For all stakeholders facing an enormous information load and friction when working together, Soley helps to organize all relevant information in one place. In all phases of a decision, the solution provides the necessary analytical insights and shows where decisiveness is required.

Shape Your Core Business and Free Your Company From Ballast

Increasing requirements and customizing in industry inflate the configuration space beyond all limits. Soley solutions always focus on your core business and the real value for your customers. The rest is unnecessary variety, costly complexity and therefore ballast that must be avoided.

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Scale complex workflows at will

“How much turnover depends on components from exclusive UK suppliers?”

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With Soley, the portfolio becomes consistently navigable and editable in connection with the value chain. Soley makes existing links between suppliers, components, parts lists, product variants, orders and customers transparent. Linked elements can be filtered, grouped, evaluated in a team and edited – intuitively, with just a few clicks. Soley finally makes analysis processes of any complexity digitally scalable.

Strong Features


Imagine you want to keep track of all the single-source components you need for your core products: With Collections, you can group, name, share, categorize, and separately analyze a number of value chain elements of particular interest.

Impact Explorer

Understand, analyze and evaluate the business impacts that affect your complex product portfolio and originate from it. Answer questions like: Which resources along the value chain could be reduced if certain characteristic values were eliminated? Which revenue is at risk by such a change?

Decision Board

Make decisions collaboratively with all involved stakeholders in a structured multi-stage process. Value chain elements on the Decision Board go through a process of commenting, voting and moving to decision stages. This allows you to keep track of the decision-making process as a team.

Analysis Table

The Analysis Table provides an overview of all elements of the value chain along with the most important KPIs in a familiar spreadsheet format. The full power is unleashed through pivoting, filtering and grouping, as well as through on-the-fly statistics and structuring key elements in Collections.

Overview and Drill Down Dashboards

Our Overview Dashboard gives you quick insights into the entire product portfolio. It enables you to quickly prioritize your tasks and fields of action. In addition, the Drill-down Dashboards allow you to track down details. They serve as an information basis for joint decision-making.

Easy data flow

  • certified integration with SAP S/4 HANA
  • Z program for data export for SAP R/3
  • Or manual data extraction

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