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Master complexity –
Test-Case-Management mit Soley

“This technology helps to master the complexity in our test case portfolio and perform automated analyses to increase the transparency.”

Toni Jiménez Romero (Testmanager MIB & ITC, SEAT)

Transparency and Efficiency in Test Case Management

More and More Functions in Multimedia Devices Lead to a Dramatic Complexity Increase in Test Case Management. A sophisticated and mostly automated testing environment ensures a high degree of usability and a proper functionality for all multimedia devices in all model versions. Since more and more functionality is embedded in nowadays multimedia devices, the amount of test cases dramatically increases. Therefore, also the interdependencies between test cases, functions, requirements and stakeholders show a huge increase. In order to cope with this rising complexity, more transparency is required to support efficient test case management and test case execution.

Automated Analysis and Reporting

Using the Soley technology, the workflows for data preparation, data analysis and reporting can be automated; these workflows can be executed with the push of a button – by everybody in the company. The Soley-based graph visualization allows for understanding the analysis results in a much more intuitive way than with conventional reports.

The following workflows have been improved with Seat:

  • The consolidation of data about requirements, functions and test cases from the respective data sources.
  • Based on the formalized expert knowledge for test case management, the performance of typical data analyses and the creation of reports can be executed with the push of a button.
  • Reports and data analyses are created within milliseconds – they are intuitively understandable and can be used in presentations right away.
  • The adjustment and fine-tuning of reports and analyses was made available for different stakeholder groups.

Boost Transparency – Benefit from Expert Knowledge

This project clearly shows the versatility and performance of the Soley technology. In particular, SEAT can profit from these benefits:

  • Interdependencies between requirements, functions and test cases, which were hidden in distributed data, are now transparent in a visual graph representation.
  • Time was saved through the automation of tedious, time-consuming tasks.
  • A whole series of analyses can be performed automatically allowing to analyze the entire test case portfolio.
  • Formalized expert knowledge is made executable with the push of a button.

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