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How do you optimize your product portfolio - where does your company stand?

Your product portfolio determines the complexity of your value chain. Therefore, a tidy portfolio is the prerequisite for a lean, efficient and competitive organization.

With this whitepaper you will find out in which degree of maturity your company is currently in terms of product portfolio optimization and which steps still separate your organization from the desired degree of maturity.

The maturity model: Product portfolio optimization in 5 stages

Quantify complexity
Targeted measures
Multidimensional optimization
Automate decisions

Whitepaper: Maturity level Portfolio Optimization

About the author:
Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Kissel is Managing Director of Soley GmbH. He studied mechanical engineering at the TU Munich. His work on industrial and research projects and numerous publications on “Systems Engineering”, “Design of Product Architectures” and his dissertation “Pattern Recognition in Complex Product Portfolios” paved the way for the founding of Soley.